French Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas


The fields that can be found in Provence are full of the most beautiful lavender that there is. Incorporate a touch of lavender by using it as centrepieces, in bouquets or by creating a couple of gorgeous hand-made head pieces for the brides to wear. Flower girls can also drop tufts of lavender in place of rose petals to help truly tie all of the details together.

French Lace

The name of this elegant fabric says it all. A wedding that has a French inspired theme can instantly become more elegant than ever before with this feminine fabric. If brides are unable to find the perfect dress online, a company that specializes in altering services for a wedding will be able to add the perfect amount this gorgeous fabric to make an ordinary dress into a stunning masterpiece that is the ideal image of French romance.


French inspired cock tails can add a bit of fun and class to any reception. Pair these drinks with some cheese that is inspired by France. A catering company that specializes in this cuisine or cocktail services may be the best option for those that are a bit clueless about what types of cheese to include.

If hiring a catering company that is knowledgeable about France is out of the question, taking the time to check out their catering website or giving them a call is a great option. Simply asking a few key questions, such as what types of cheeses they have available, may help clueless brides get an idea of what to look for. A menu list may also be available on their services page online.


For those that are interested in providing more food than what is normally served at cocktail hour, a catering company that specializes in this type of cuisine is ideal. Often, professional chefs will be able to offer the best tasting crepes and will provide guests will a wide array of stunning entrees and appetizers that will look as amazing as they taste.

The Language of Love

Instead of sticking to English, switch over to this language whenever possible. For example, using Monsieur and Madam instead of the traditional Mr. and Mrs. on the backs of chairs and on place cards will add a taste of France to a wedding.

This small detail will help to tie together both ceremonies and receptions, and will really give the after party the taste of France that many brides are looking for. Catering companies that speak this language are an added bonus. Sometimes, the little details can be exactly what is needed to put the final touches of finesse on weddings.


Many receptions offer food and/or catering, but most also have a party feel to them. After the guests are done eating, some couples offer dancing or other forms of entertainment inspired by this fun culture to keep the party going, and to make it feel more like a party instead of a stuffy reception.

Traditional French inspired entertainment, such as cabaret dancers or street performers that offer a variety of services, will help make sure that guests enjoy themselves and will make a party feel more alive than ever.

Adding a touch of France does not have to be all about the cliché things, like the Eiffel tower. Instead, this tips and tiny details will help to bring the romance and elegance of Paris to a wedding, and the party that often happens afterwards. By adding a few services and some great cuisine, or professional services, one can easily bring a breeze of Europe to any country. France is all about love and fun, and these unique wedding ideas will help couples have just that.