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Tips to Choose An Awesome Wedding Photo Booth

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. And this day is the best one to take some great photos of you and your partner. If you want to take amazing photos on the big day, it’s a good idea to hire a good photo booth. You will get many snaps of all the people present at the wedding. Given below are some tips to help you choose the best photo booth.

Closed vs open air booths

In a closed photo booth, the guests have to step inside. You can find these boxes in shopping malls. Since they are simple and easy to use, they are still used at weddings. This booth is self-contained and appears neat in the room. However, the downside is that they are heavy and can cost a lot to transport from one location to another.

The open-air type, on the other hand, can be easily transported. You can install it anywhere provided there is enough space. So, you can go for the right one based on your needs.

Picture quality

As far as the picture quality is concerned, the closed photo type don’t offer high quality pictures. The problem is that most of these boxes use webcam to take photos. Another problem is that the lighting is poor. On the other hand, the other type uses DSLR cameras to take professional quality photos. For lighting, a professional studio flash is used. As a result, the image quality is the highest.


The open-air type offers a host of backdrop option. As a matter of fact, the majority of companies offer a wide range of backdrops to help you choose one that can meet your needs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the closed booths may not offer that many options as far as backdrops is concerned.


The closed photo booths don’t offer a lot of space inside them. So, if there are a lot of people, they will look like they are stuffed inside the room. On the other hand, the modern type offers a relatively bigger backdrop. Therefore, many people can stand together for the photo shoot.


Make sure there is enough room for the photo booth installation. To give you an idea, most of the booths need an area of 3×3 meters. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a place where the thing can be installed. So, choosing a good area is important.

DIY photo booth

If hiring a good photo booth is not an option for you, we suggest that you follow the DIY route. In other words, you can design your own based on your needs. Crafting a handmade backdrop is easy. Plus, you can use a Polaroid camera. The quality won’t be high but at least you have something to have fun with the guests.

So, if you are going to hire a photo booth for your wedding day, we suggest that you follow the advice and tips given in this article. This will help you avoid making the wrong choice.

4 Smart Ways to Cope With Neglect in Marriage

Although it is the wish of every spouse to enjoy a close, loving relationship with his or her spouse, some married people find that they don’t get the kind of love and attention they want from their spouses.

How do you cope with neglect in marriage, if your spouse does not show you the kind of love you desire?

1. Learn Something New

Learn how to do yoga, learn how to dance a Ghanaian dance, start attending classes which teach African languages, start wearing African clothes instead of the clothes you are used to, or learn how to cook an exotic meal.

By doing these things, you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will boost your self-esteem and help you to get your self-worth back. Consequently, you will feel good about life and you will be at peace with yourself, which will help you to enjoy every day as a gift from God.

Additionally, doing something new will make you excited about life again, which will help to revive your spirit, you will feel happy and cheerful, and your spouse will notice it and may feel attracted to you again and want to spend more time with you.

2. Exercise Regularly

According to the Harvard Medical School, exercising releases brain chemicals called endorphins, which are natural painkillers, into the body. These chemicals have a calming effect on the nervous system and so help a person to feel relaxed.

So, when you make it a habit to exercise often, you will find it easier to relax and feel calm, which will prevent anxiety and depression.

Therefore, every morning, walk briskly for 30 minutes before you go to work. Additionally, run a distance of 5 miles, ride your bicycle for 30 minutes, swim with your close friends, jump a rope for 30 minutes, do 50 push-ups, or dance to your favorite music for one hour and you will feel happy about life.

3. Spend A Lot Of Time With Your Pet

A pet can be an angel when you feel lonely and neglected in a marriage. The pet will give you unconditional love and attention, which will remind you that even if your spouse does not care about you, it cares about you. That will help you to feel loved and, as a result, you will feel happy.

Furthermore, a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, parrot, or horse will distract you so that you will not worry too much about how your spouse is treating you.

Moreover, research shows that touching animals causes the release of serotonin and dopamine, two hormones that help one to feel good, into the body. Touching your pet will make you feel happy and that will help you to relax and enjoy the birds singing, the sun going down in the evening, or the smell of flowers.

Additionally, touching your pet will cause your brain to release oxytocin, a hormone which lowers blood pressure and heart rates. Consequently, you will feel less anxious and nervous and that will help you to deal effectively with the stress of being neglected by your spouse.

4. Pray

Develop your relationship with God and talk to Him often through prayer. This will help you to manage your negative emotions better-a study conducted in the University of Wisconsin-Madison has revealed that people who choose to pray in hard times find comfort and are able to manage their negative emotions-anger, sadness, anxiety-effectively.

When you pour out your heart knowing that at least someone, God, is listening to you, it will help you to experience the release of emotional pain so that you will feel better.

Additionally, praying will also remind you that God loves you and cares about your concerns, which will help to raise your self-esteem again.

Furthermore, praying will help to distract you so that you will stop worrying about your neglect and your loneliness and that can give peace to your soul and your mind.


To cope with neglect in marriage, learn how to do something new, exercise every day, draw closer to your pet, and seek solace with the Heavenly Father, and you will find a new sense of purpose in life which will help you to keep on enjoying life.

French Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas


The fields that can be found in Provence are full of the most beautiful lavender that there is. Incorporate a touch of lavender by using it as centrepieces, in bouquets or by creating a couple of gorgeous hand-made head pieces for the brides to wear. Flower girls can also drop tufts of lavender in place of rose petals to help truly tie all of the details together.

French Lace

The name of this elegant fabric says it all. A wedding that has a French inspired theme can instantly become more elegant than ever before with this feminine fabric. If brides are unable to find the perfect dress online, a company that specializes in altering services for a wedding will be able to add the perfect amount this gorgeous fabric to make an ordinary dress into a stunning masterpiece that is the ideal image of French romance.


French inspired cock tails can add a bit of fun and class to any reception. Pair these drinks with some cheese that is inspired by France. A catering company that specializes in this cuisine or cocktail services may be the best option for those that are a bit clueless about what types of cheese to include.

If hiring a catering company that is knowledgeable about France is out of the question, taking the time to check out their catering website or giving them a call is a great option. Simply asking a few key questions, such as what types of cheeses they have available, may help clueless brides get an idea of what to look for. A menu list may also be available on their services page online.


For those that are interested in providing more food than what is normally served at cocktail hour, a catering company that specializes in this type of cuisine is ideal. Often, professional chefs will be able to offer the best tasting crepes and will provide guests will a wide array of stunning entrees and appetizers that will look as amazing as they taste.

The Language of Love

Instead of sticking to English, switch over to this language whenever possible. For example, using Monsieur and Madam instead of the traditional Mr. and Mrs. on the backs of chairs and on place cards will add a taste of France to a wedding.

This small detail will help to tie together both ceremonies and receptions, and will really give the after party the taste of France that many brides are looking for. Catering companies that speak this language are an added bonus. Sometimes, the little details can be exactly what is needed to put the final touches of finesse on weddings.


Many receptions offer food and/or catering, but most also have a party feel to them. After the guests are done eating, some couples offer dancing or other forms of entertainment inspired by this fun culture to keep the party going, and to make it feel more like a party instead of a stuffy reception.

Traditional French inspired entertainment, such as cabaret dancers or street performers that offer a variety of services, will help make sure that guests enjoy themselves and will make a party feel more alive than ever.

Adding a touch of France does not have to be all about the cliché things, like the Eiffel tower. Instead, this tips and tiny details will help to bring the romance and elegance of Paris to a wedding, and the party that often happens afterwards. By adding a few services and some great cuisine, or professional services, one can easily bring a breeze of Europe to any country. France is all about love and fun, and these unique wedding ideas will help couples have just that.

Top Invitation Planning Tips

Wedding invitations supply guests with important information. Many brides-to-be put their invitations on top of their priority list when planning a wedding and it’s easy to see why. Your wedding invitations would give your guests the first impression. Invitations also give away a glimpse of what the upcoming wedding is going to be like. Would it be a beach or garden wedding? Would it be a casual brunch or formal dinner? Regardless of the wedding venue or theme, there are several customs to be followed in preparing and sending invitations.

Firstly, invites need to be visually pleasant and informative. There are tons of lovely cards both online and offline. It would surely be easy to find an invitation that has the ‘wow’ factor. But before thinking about the design, there are a few things you need to consider when preparing wedding cards. There are steps to follow too when it’s time to mail out the invites.

Decide on the Guest List

The first step is to finalize your guest list. This is often the most stressful part in wedding planning. You need to sit down with your fiancé and jot down the names of all the people you want to invite. Whatever the final guest count is, get at least 10 extra cards. In case you need to resend an invitation or forgot to invite someone, these will come in handy. Most companies require a minimum number of invitations which can be costly and time consuming if you’re after just 5 extras.

Get the info right

Information included in the invitation should be informative but not wordy. Therefore, you need to think carefully about the bits of information you wish to include in it. If the wedding is at 6 o’clock in the evening, there is no need to mention attire (dinner parties are usually formal) unless you are planning a themed wedding like a luau party. In such cases, guests appreciate invitations mentioning the attire as it eliminates worries about what the guests should wear.

Date and time are also essential information you should not miss. You can include a map if you are expecting guests from another town or if the venue is hard to find. Don’t be afraid to include a short verse or poem. A creative or even funny line can be a great way to set the tone and give guests the clue whether the party will be elegant or more casual.

Mail invitations out

So, when’s the best time to mail invitations out? According to etiquette, wedding invitations should be sent out 6 to 8 weeks before the big day. If you are planning a destination wedding, be sure to send your invitations earlier. It’s a great idea to send out a Save the Date card three months in advance. That should give your guests enough time to make travel arrangements.

Transportation for Your Wedding Day Solved

Don’t overlook the need for transportation for your wedding day. Yet it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision either. You can get around with style and add elegant touches to your special day with wedding cars. There are so many to pick from, you can customise it to fit your needs and your budget.

Not having to drive to your wedding, to the reception, and back home after gives you plenty of freedom. You can focus on your big day and you can also drink alcohol if you desire. You don’t have to worry about being able to drive when the reception is over.

Themes and Selection

Couples often choose their wedding cars based on a given theme. If you are going with a traditional wedding ceremony, it makes sense to get a traditional car such as a limo. If you are going with a vintage type of wedding, a vintage car will be the icing on the cake. The neat thing though is there isn’t any right or wrong choice.

It all comes down to what you are interested in. You may have a preference or you may be more concerned with enough room for everyone who needs to ride with you. Comfort and room may be more important to you than what the outside of the vehicle looks like. If you have a set amount of money for the transportation, that needs to be looked at.

Personal Touches

Most providers of wedding cars are glad to accommodate your requests. To ensure they can do so, get them expressed early on. They will help you with personal touches such as decorating the cars to go along with the colours and theme for your wedding. If you need any special arrangements made, let them know.

For example, you may need people picked up and dropped off at several locations. A list of names, addresses, and times can help them to do so without any problems. If you have someone who needs assistance getting in and out of the vehicles, the drivers can assist with that as well. They will do all they can to make it a great outcome for you on your wedding day.


There is no shortage of amazing vehicles out there when it comes to wedding cars. This can make it hard to finalise your decision. Have fun looking around, comparing prices, and getting your questions answered. Never make any assumptions, always ask so you know what is included in the price.

Once you make your final decision, book it! Otherwise, you risk that particular vehicle slipping through your fingers. It is going to be disappointing if someone else books it before you do for the same day!


All of the final details need to be put into writing for the wedding cars you will rent. You may have to pay a deposit at the time of booking. The balance will be due on the wedding day when you use the vehicles. Some contracts allow you to get your deposit back if you need to change the date or the wedding is cancelled. Others don’t and then you would be out that money.

It is always a good idea to read all of the terms of any contract before you sign it. If you have questions or something isn’t right, you need to discuss it with the provider of the wedding cars so changes can be made. Always double check the date and the times for the rentals. You certainly don’t want those types of errors to ruin your wedding day!

Seven Wedding Rings Trends for 2017

Fashion-forward brides know that there’s more to wedding rings than a simple gold band. While this is the traditional look, others brides may opt for a piece that fits their personal aesthetic. Since this is a piece of jewelry that is worn every day, it makes sense to choose something the wearer adores. Here are a few of the most exciting new trends for this meaningful piece of jewelry for 2017 and beyond.

1. Rose Gold
This romantic metal has been a runway staple for a few years now. These wedding rings recently gained traction when Lauren Conrad chose this option. Rose gold is a welcome alternative to the standard silver or gold. As a bonus, the warm hue is flattering on most skin tones. Couples can use it alone or mix it with other metals for a popular two-tone effect.

2. Pave Diamonds
Brides and grooms alike can add sparkle to an otherwise dull band with pave diamonds, tiny stones set close together and covering either the surface of the band or just specific areas as an accent. While white diamonds are a perennial favorite, other colors and stones are becoming popular as well.

3. Stackable Bands
These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn one on top of the other along with the engagement ring. Some couples opt to purchase several stackable bands at once, while others add to their collection to commemorate special occasions like an anniversary or the birth of a child.

4. Five-Stone Setting
Although eternity bands were once the hottest trend for newly married couples, they can also be expensive. Five-stone versions are a simpler, elegant alternative that features five stones centered on a plain band. Perfect for brides with a more refined aesthetic. Those who still prefer an eternity band may want to look at shared-prong settings, which increase the brilliance of the diamonds by minimizing the metal while still holding the stones securely in place.

5. Vintage-Inspired Styles
Some retro-style brides may opt for actual vintage pieces. Others may choose modern versions of old favorites that incorporate elements from classic styles of years past. To get this look, shop for delicate detailing like minimal scrolls, filigree engraving, and delicate raised edges.

6. Spacing Between Bands
Tradition once dictated that space between the engagement ring and wedding band was to be avoided at all costs. Some brides would even weld their sets together. These days, space is sought after, with fashionable ladies looking to replicate the look popularized by Mariah Carey. Avoid a matched set when looking for an eclectic style to turns heads.

7. Unusual Materials
Shiny gold, silver, and platinum metals have long been the law of the land when it comes to wedding rings, but these days there are more materials than ever from which to choose. Think wood, stone, and even bone, along with traditional metals with the unusual twist of a matte or textured finish. These are especially popular when it comes to the groom’s ring.

Reasons to Hiring a Car for Your Wedding

There are many plans you can make for your wedding, and one to consider is wedding car hire. While this isn’t a necessity, it is a nice touch for any style or theme of wedding. There are plenty of types of vehicles to pick from. You can rent them for a short period of time or the entire day. It can be a fun way to get to the wedding location, to the reception, and back home.

Wedding Party

One of the reasons to look at wedding car hire is for your entire wedding party. Getting everyone together is so much easier when you have a larger vehicle. It also allows the bride and groom to be with everyone rather than in a separate vehicle. Depending on the wedding attire, the dresses may not fit well in a typical car seat. This can take care of such complications.

Family and Out of Town Guests

You may wish to consider wedding car hire for immediate family and special out of town guests. They will appreciate you going out of your way to offer this for them. They will feel very much a part of your special day. If they have worked to help you with the plans and getting ready then this is also a way to say thank you.

You may have family or friends who can’t drive due to disabilities. They may struggle to get around without help. They can benefit from a car coming to pick them up and take them back home again. They will love being able to enjoy the event with you. Such offers are generous and very easy to set up.


Not everyone is going to be familiar with the directions to get to the wedding location or the reception. With a wedding car hire, they don’t have to worry about it. They can have the transportation they need. They just need to know when and where they will be picked up. The rest is taken care of for them.

Depending on the locations for your wedding and reception, parking may be a struggle. There may not be enough room for all of the vehicles bringing your guests and wedding party to the events. You don’t want to fight for parking or have to walk a long distance to get to your destination.

With wedding car hire, you can cut down on such issues. The driver of the car will be able to take those inside to the front doors. They will also be able to use that location when it is time to pick them up. It is a great option to think about when you have limited parking and you are worried about how it will play out.


It isn’t uncommon for alcohol to be part of wedding receptions in an effort to celebrate. The presence of wedding car hire can ensure people have a safe way to get home when they are ready to go. You don’t want to put a damper on your special day by anyone getting in trouble for drinking and driving or causing an accident. Offering your guests a safe way home is optional.

Yet it can be one of the most responsible things you can provide for them. You don’t want to be worried about how people get home. Even if they aren’t drinking, there may be guests who arrive together but one isn’t ready to go when the rest are. They can get a ride through the cars you have hired for the event.

Flower Arrangements for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are romantic and the flowers you choose need to match your wedding venue. You will need flowers for the bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets, wedding and reception decorations, etc. They play an important part of any wedding. For a beach wedding, you need flowers that reflect that theme. You should choose flowers that are resilient and can withstand the heat. Some of these flowers can include tropical flowers such as:

• Bird-of-paradise
• Cymbidium orchids
• Heliconias
• Anthurium

These are all colorful flowers that will not wilt in the heat and will add color to the beach wedding.

Beach wedding bouquets

For the bride’s bouquet, you should choose something sophisticated with a combination of three or four flowers. You will need for the bridesmaid a floral arrangement that is not as fancy. An eye catching wedding bouquet could consist of a cascading bouquet that is created out of chartreuse flowers, hosta leaves, cymbidium orchids, leucadendron, and gloriosia lilies. To give this cascading bouquet touches of softness add some satin ribbons. For the bridesmaid the ideal bouquet using one flower would look great. For example, the bouquet could be a solid bouquet made of tiny orchids or calla lilies. It should be in the bridal theme colors and tied with a coordinating ribbon. By keeping the bridesmaid bouquet’s simply there is more focus on the bride’s bouquet.

Beach wedding centerpieces

For these, mix flowers with traditional beach items like pebbles, seashell, starfish, or paper boats. You could use a rattan planter and fill it with long stemmed calla lilies and white orchids. You could also use small flowers in a small vase surrounded with pebbles and shells. You could also use candles with scents that remind people of the beach and surround them with shells and pebbles. If you use small centerpieces, you could use one or two small ones or one large one per table.

In conclusion

What many brides do not do is consider the climate where the wedding is being held. Yes, a beach wedding’s weather is going to be hot but depending on the time of the wedding the temperature can vary. If you are having an early morning wedding make sure that the flowers you choose will stay fresh throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. Talk to the florist and ask if they have experience with choosing flowers for beach weddings. If they do not then you should find a florist that does.

Choosing the Right Wedding Singer for Your Own Big Day

If you are in the midst of planning your own wedding entertainment, there is certainly plenty to choose from and one of the most cost effective, yet memorable options available to you is to hire a Wedding Singer!

One of the main benefits of hiring a Wedding Singer is that you get a massive amount of choice and flexibility due to each individual vocalist having their own sound and of course genre. The possibilities are truly endless and you can ensure that you will find the perfect Wedding Singer to suit your taste and give your wedding evening reception the perfect ambiance.

But where do you start when searching for a wedding singer?

One of the best ways to find a singer to perform at your wedding is to use an online entertainment directory so that you can save yourself a lot of time and potentially money too! Many entertainment directories will have their own dedicated categories for singers, with many sub-categories too! To give you some inspiration, let’s take a look at different types of singer you might wish to book:

Female Singers

Choosing a Female Singer to perform at your wedding reception gives you a huge selection of vocals and styles to choose from. Some female singers will offer dramatic performances and big voices in the style of Cher, Whitney Houston and more. Or you could opt for someone who has a modern touch! Female Singers are one of the most popular choices for wedding entertainment and you can book them for pretty much any part of your big day!

Male Singers

Male Singers also offer a massive choice in genres and singing styles and with the popularity of male vocalists such as Michael Bublé, they are an extremely popular choice among weddings. Imagine your first dance to a crooner style song, or if you want something a little heavier, choose a Male Singer with a rock background. There is a huge selection of Male Singers available to hire and like female singers, they are also suitable for any part of your wedding, from your ceremony right to your evening reception.

Carol Singers

Is your wedding around Christmas time? Why not make it even more festive and book Carol Singers for during your big day? Perfect for during your drinks reception, or perhaps wedding breakfast, Carol Singers will use their vocal talents to sing popular Christmas songs. You might find that some of your guests join in too! We can’t think of a better musical entertainment choice for a December wedding than this!

Guitar Singers

There are many Guitar Singers to hit the charts at the moment, such as Ed Sheeran and the classic Bruce Springsteen. This has seen an increase in this type of booking for wedding receptions as they offer quite a bit of versatility. From a beautiful first dance ballad to more upbeat and rock style performances, Guitar Singers can easily get your wedding guests up onto the dancefloor! They need very little space to perform which makes them perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings too.

Pianist / Singers

Did you know that most Pianist / Singers will come to your wedding venue with their very own keyboard or baby grand piano? You don’t have to worry if your wedding venue doesn’t have it’s own equipment with the portability of these types of instruments. Famous piano singers include Elton John and of course Chris Martin from Coldplay who both offer a stunning performance. If you love piano music and you want your wedding reception to have a touch of class, why not look at booking a Pianist / Singer?

Opera Singers

If you are a fan of the Opera and fancy something a little different for your wedding evening reception, why not choose an Opera Singer who can add a stunning and dramatic atmosphere to your big day? Your wedding guests are unlikely to expect this type of entertainment, however with their mind-blowing vocals and Operatic Arias, this type of performance will certainly add the WOW factor! Another way to include an Opera Singer into your wedding day (if you are not sure about hiring one for the evening) is to enhance your wedding ceremony with live operatic music!

10 Tips To Creating An Memorable Wedding Reception

The most memorable wedding reception is seldom the most expensive, the most elaborate, or the most time consuming, but more likely involves the most forethought and planning. Our experts have a talent for finding what matters most and including with that the most significant memory making event for each couple.

  1. Plan an Eventful Wedding – oh the excitement of a wedding that recognizes grandparents, parents, and other life long relationships! What about planning your amazing great day on the anniversary of a grandparent? Invite the Grandparents to stand at the head table with the Bride and Groom, and celebrate their day with era themed music and dances.
  2. Combine a Holiday Celebration – Christmas will never be the same again, and nobody will ever forget your anniversary when you combine your day with a Holiday. And the decor? It’s all a flutter of the holiday, combined with wedding bells, lace, and white satin. What could be better? Can you define the holiday without your wedding party?
  3. Set a Theme to Celebrate – Seasonal or an era, themes can be a fun way to add memorable content and even a time-stamp to a wedding. Perhaps, the era of the Bride and Groom’s birth?
  4. Black Tie & Masquerade – pull all your plans together for a masquerade ball, and present the most mysterious with a fun prize for their costume. One of my favorite blends this formal event with ‘famous couples’ and combines the winning musical selections with a magical theme of great music.
  5. Casual Afternoon Tea – a quartet of stringed instruments performing as the sun dips low in the western skies might be a better choice for the most casual, yet memorable event. Entice the rain with some rainmaker tunes.
  6. Breakfast with Strollers – when the coffee is hot, the air offers a chill of early morning, and the musicians are strolling through the audience, what could be more memorable at your wedding reception than musicians playing the early hours?
  7. Big Band Era Music and Dancers – wedding attendance can be even more fun when everyone dances, but if your attendees aren’t dancers, perhaps dancers on the stage can give them a few tips and ideas. Inspiring a line dance, or group dance might be a good option, if you want more action among guests, but any big band era music dances can be fun for multiple age groups.
  8. Cover Band Entertainment – current tunes, selected for the many hours of memories stirred with words, music, and hours of together time, making life better before, during, and after the wedding. A selection of popular tune might inspire dancing feet.
  9. Specialty Show Stoppers – showcase a favorite singer, the look-a-like tribute artist sends out memory making show tunes from talented featured singers.
  10. Memory Making Moments – whether your music is relevant or classic, the tunes you showcase at your wedding will be the most remembered music of your life. I still know every single word to ‘The Rose’ and ‘Ever Green’ even 35 years after the fact…